Do I need to empty my cabinets for the rolling shelves ?

You do not have to empty your cabinets for the consultation, but you will have to empty them for the install. We have clients with mobility issues and are happy to empty out the cabinet for them.

Do you install the pull out shelves?

Yes we provide a free consultation, we measure and we install the pull out shelves.

Where is Gliding Shelf Solutions Inc. located?

Our head office is located in the Peterborough Ontario and we have dealers available across Canada.

Do you have rolling shelves for corner cabinets?

We have a solution for hidden corners which will give you easy access to the things you could not reach.

How much does the rolling shelf cost?

Our gliding shelves are custom made width, depth, and height, and all these attributes have an impact on the price of a drawer. Contact us for more information on the prices and book an appointment with our professional consultants to obtain pricing information.

Are Rolling Shelves all you do?

We are the experts at retro fitting existing cabinets with pull out shelves because that is all we do!

Where is your Pull out Shelf showroom?

Our product is custom and requires us coming to your home to measure the cabinets, so we do not have showrooms. The consultants carry samples with them so that you can see the materials and quality of our Canadian Craftsmanship. We also do many of the spring and fall home shows where we have a kitchen display set up with the glides.

What warranty do you give on our pull out shelf?

We offer a lifetime warranty on our premium Baltic Birch pull-out drawers/shelves.

Can I install the pull out shelf myself?

In areas where we do not have dealers we can sell our custom gliding shelves as a DIY (Do It Yourself) installation. We also have an expandable glide solution that you can purchase directly from our website.

Can you put rolling Shelves in old cabinets?

Yes in fact the oldest kitchen we have done is in a historical home and its kitchen was original and 123 years old.

Are Rolling Shelf consultations free?

Yes our consultations are free.

How long have you been in business?

We have been in business since 2009.

Where are the glides built?

Our gliding shelves are built in Havelock, Ontario, Canada. We are proudly a Canadian company with our own Canadian manufacture.